Ascend Adventure Therapy

ascend adventure therapoy

Ascend Adventure offers flexible, individually tailored programs utilising the relationship between outdoor pursuits and therapeutic change. Delivery is adapted to suit the needs of any given client group, and can be designed to support recovery around a specific issue.

Programs include Micro-expeditions, Local and National residential or camping experiences, Day Programs, Wilderness Experiences, Nature Awareness workshops and team building or leadership activities. Activities utilised include walking, raft building, canoeing, climbing (indoor and outdoor), archery, scrambling, coasteering, wide-games, high and low rope courses, archery, navigation skills, orienteering, vision questing, native American sweat lodges, yurt construction and bush craft. See our Ascend Adventure Products menu on the left of this page for more ideas.

All programs are delivered with an emphasis on building a therapeutic relationship with participants, encouraging self-awareness and reflective learning, adhering to the following definition of Adventure therapy:

• Adventure therapy is an active, experiential approach to group (and family) psychotherapy or counselling:
• Utilising an activity base, (cooperative group games, ropes courses, outdoor pursuits or wilderness expeditions)
• Employing real and or perceived (physical and psychological) risk as a clinically significant agent to bring about desired change
• Making meaning (through insights that are expressed verbally, nonverbally, or unconsciously that lead to behavioural change) from both verbal and nonverbal introductions prior to and discussions following the activity experience
• Punctuating isomorphic connection(s) (how the structure of the activity matches the resolution of the problem) that significantly contribute to the transfer of lessons learned into changed behaviour. (Gillis & Thomsen, 1996)


Watch the video on you tube: What is Adventure Therapy?