Coming soon to a leisure zone near you…

Using archery as the medium for change, Urban Archery collective intends to bring the phenomena of competition and combat archery into the heart of the urban jungle coupled with a unique and innovative approach to physical activity through our fully interactive archery cube – creating a “real life” computer simulated “shoot em up” experience for all ages; our splodge tech art “chery” products are the perfect compliment to the non-violent, full contact products.  

We will also use the centre for a base for our additional operations and a place where our customers can experience a gateway to adventure. “

Combat Archery

Take 2 teams of a minimum of 5 people at either end of the pitch. Place the arrows in the centre of the pitch. Blow the whistle and the teams run to the centre, gather their arrows and return to their zone, firing at the opposing team until they have all been hit or the 1-hour time runs out. Once hit the player enters the safe zone and can only return to the pitch if one of their players catches an arrow.

The Cube

Whether it be in zombie apocalypse, the military zone, medieval madness, seasonal specials, or the industrial quarter, we will be using theatre-based technology and techniques to create an ever-changing environment to suit the needs of all groups of people, throughout the year.

Linking in with electrical and lighting engineers, art and drama students and real-life actors we aim to stimulate our client’s senses visually and on an auditory level, as well as increasing the theatrical presence to impact both emotionally and psychologically; once entered the range will not be forgotten.

Splodge Tech

With a dedicated area front of house and using our own “splosh tech” arrow head technology this product element uses bow, arrow and paint to create art work on such things as canvas, T-shirts, hoodies, caps and badges designed as souvenirs to take away from the experience or just individually created for fun.

The Range

The Range is a place to home in the skills required to become a qualified archery coach and aims to help develop the skills required to excel in the combat game and interactive games. There will be 6 individual ranges, moveable and tailored to the ability of the client, with regular workshops, events and coaching sessions tailored to the needs of the client.

We will also be running weekly archery darts 9 dart finish competition event with opportunity to win some big prizes e.g. archery equipment, family holidays, with talk of a brand-new car prize.