A tiny male wren weighs no more than a £1 coin.  Each Spring he works tirelessly gathering leaves, grass and moss to create a beautiful globe shaped nest.  Then, he does it again.  And again; building up to six potential locations to raise his family.  He waits with baited breath to see if a female wren will favour his creations, opt to line one of his nests with her feathers and proceed to lay her reddish spotted, glossy white eggs.

All that investment of time and energy, with no guarantee that it will come to fruition.

Today, I feel like a little wren.

I am creating events; –  gathering information, quotes and prices, calling campsites, poring over maps, plotting routes, designing flyers.  I shape all this in to something I can present to the world by emailing, posting and publicising my handiwork.  Then I wait.  With absolutely no idea whether what I have created will be received and responded to.  Will anybody want to join me on these adventures?  Who will sign up and come along?  It can be nerve-wracking and requires emotional resilience and perseverance.  Encouraging comments and help to spread the word  from friends and supporters makes all the difference.

If a tiny wren can do it…..