A mind that is stretched

Ascend Adventure ‘Edge of the Wild’ is a residential introduction to a range of activities and experiences in the outdoors.

Centred around a 1 or 2 night camping experience at specially selected venues in your chosen locality, activities are designed to compliment any existing work by a referring agency and/or to meet the needs of the participants.

Creative program design can focus on a particular issue (for example self esteem, confidence, making changes) using a blend of physical activities (e.g. wide games, canoeing, archery or bushcraft), combined with carefully facilitated group sessions.
Ascend Adventure will take care of the planning, logistics, equipment, catering and delivery of ‘Edge of the Wild’.

‘Edge of the Wild’ is suitable for Corporate or Private Groups as a team development experience or for Service Commissioners or Managers looking to create a meaningful program of activities for service users.

Contact us to create your ‘Edge of the Wild’ experience.