Thank you so much for the great experience both of you have provided.  I have thoroughly enjoyed and made the most of my time here!!  I have managed to embrace my feelings without over-reacting, although hard I think I had to accept them.  Lying under the stars and being close to others helped me overcome my fear of being rejected and that others can create a wonderful atmosphere that can be embraced fully.  I loved sleeping under the stars and felt at peace waking up with the sunrise.  The Vision Quest helped me come to peace with myself and my inner anger and resentments.  I have also become more enlightened, that I can be a great independent woman who can make the best of what life has to offer.

 Focus12 Client

I have learned a lot about myself this weekend, some good (how far I have come in my recovery) and definitely areas that I need to work on (e.g. my expectations of people).  However I regard this as a positive learning experience.  Paul and Mel have created a wonderful opportunity for recovering addicts to explore their potential and I feel very privileged to have been a part of it.  I am very grateful for all their hard work and support.

 East Coast Recovery Client

The clients at Focus12 did not really know what to expect when told they were going on an Ascend Adventure weekend. Most were excited but many were concerned as to what would happen. The staff of AA came to Focus12 and reassured everyone before they left, answering all their concerns and by the time the minibus left on Friday morning everyone was looking forward.

The weekend was very professionally organised and run and each individual’s needs were catered for. People were challenged to push themselves and within the group structure felt able to exceed the imagined abilities. There was a 100% approval rating for the event on the return and we will be engaging Ascend Adventure to organise further weekends without fail.

 Chip Somers , CEO Focus12

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