We could go so far as to say that we believe change is inevitable!  Just as the rest of the natural world is ever changing and moving; growing, evolving, dying and being reborn, so we as humans experience movement and cycles of change.  Movement is everywhere, from the in and out of a simple breath, to the rising and setting of the sun; a simple reminder that everything changes.  Our understanding is, that life is a series of transitions, from one state of being to another.  Our aim is to model smooth transition in our work, striving to ensure participants at Ascend Adventure are supported into and out of our programs effectively.

Ascend Adventure sees how rigid thinking and fixed patterns of behaviour cause emotional pain and even physical illness.  We think that the simple action of putting the body in motion, for example in adventurous activity, can effect both physical and psychological change. Whether the changes an individual seeks to make are life changing or relatively slight, we think that a combination of respectful challenge and timeout to gain perspective is valuable in facilitating transformation.