The work Ascend Adventure have been delivering over the past few years and the experiences we have had in the build up to its inception have shown us that Adventure Therapy is also an excellent tool for team development.

The structures we have developed and the environments in which we have worked allow our participants to experience themselves and each other in a different way thus creating the opportunity for change.

There may be a particular dynamic or systemic issue within your organisation or company which needs to be explored from a new perspective so as to allow for a more motivated or productive work force. We can engage with the issue, hold the therapeutic space and nurture these connections to empower your team or group to find its own answers.
Seeing one another in a different light leads to a deeper sense of connection which in turn can lead to higher levels of trust and understanding creating a healthier and happier workplace and environment.

If you feel that your organisation, group or team could benefit from this concept then please get in touch through our contact page.

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