Our part of our continued bid to become effective altruists, Ascend Adventure are looking to partner up with 10 charities in 2016.

Once we have selected the 10 charities and developed the partnership arrangements we will then begin to design and deliver charity fundraising events for each of the charities.

Be it the National or Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, Women Who walk events, Man Up! in the Lake District, Charity Abseils, or our unique empathy camps, we can design and deliver an event tailored to your charities needs.

As an added bonus, we are about to unveil our first crowdfunding campaign to help build our capacity and as a reward for each £1 pledged we pledge to raise an additional £1 for the 10 chosen charities.

If this is of interest to you then feel free to contact us via our website www.ascendadventure.co.uk or through our social media channels. Alternatively contact Paul Wheeler on 07581005355 for more information.

Happy Adventures.